We would like to celebrate our women in tech. Magali is our UX-UI designer working with projects for our digital platform The Mobile Airline™. She started her career in Paris, moved to Malta for 2 years and joined The Mobile Life in Singapore, April 2017.

“When I decided to be a designer I chose my passion - designing has never been a “job” for me”

What’s it like to move from Malta to Singapore?
Moving 10000 km away is always an adventure! Even more when you are alone. I wanted new challenges and some exotic vibes. I really got what I was looking for. Singapore brings me serenity, the endless heat and its melting pot of cultures inspires me.

Most exciting projects?
Every project is different and exciting. But I have to admit that I love working on iLab*. One week design sprints session to re-invent the products of today for tomorrow. No technical restrictions, no limits. I love this collaborative process and what the teamwork leads us to...

*iLab is an initiative launched by The Mobile Life to explore cutting edge technology solutions internally and with partners.

Share your most exciting design trend?
2018 means the return of brutalism and moody tones, background gradients, retro modern bright illustrations (I love it!), split pages web design and more … cinemagraphs! Between photography and video, they are living images that contain one mobile looped element which create a never ending movement. It gives a poetic soul to a static image…

What does a normal day in the office look like for you?
A classic day starts with a vitamin cocktail and a loooong black coffee (there will be a few during the day...) Then I feed my brain with articles, trends, news… in design, tech and innovations to keep me updated. Same ritual, different places... My office is everywhere I can find a good wi-fi (and coffee...). The whole world keeps me inspired. TML offers me this freedom. #womenintech #themobileairline#themobilelife #techhousekl